What happened to this forum?

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What happened to this forum?

Postby Else » Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:32 pm

What happened to this forum?
JobFo was a LOT different a year ago. Since then, many regs left...without telling us why. Maybe the spam got to them. Maybe they were put off by those who rate posts (not a fan of rating posts). Maybe they were chased off by stalkers and/or nutcases (e.g. Sea ____whatever handle hasn't yet been flagged off yet.). Still...there were some thick-skinned regs who weathered the JobFo storms. Where have they gone? Have they gotten jobs? Have they gone to another forum? A year ago there was a mix of peeps here - employed and unemployed, professionals and otherwise. Over time, this forum seemed to cater only to those who were seeking non-professional jobs. Perhaps some of the professional or ex-professionals felt that they had little to gain by visiting this forum(?). Any thoughts on this or, do you know if many regs found jobs? I don't understand how spammers operate. They've taken over. What if this forum becomes ***% spam? Is it still worth a spammer's while to be here?
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby Alasdair » Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:11 pm

What are peeps supposed to do?
Hi DS. What's the government's game plan? Jobs aren't going to return to the USA - I've seen no sign of that - so, rule that out. Our population is exploding so fast, it boggles my mind. Wages are decreasing and, it seems like prices are increasing. IOW, its getting harder to live here. I read an article about 5 places one could live on one's US Social Security alone: China, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico and Ecuador. Some of my friends are stashing cash away for retirement, some/most aren't. Most peeps in the USA live pretty close to paycheck-to-paycheck. Many who carefully saved all their lives were wiped out at the end of '08. What's the plan as we are quickly and painfully hurled into New World Order status - where first world incomes dwindle to be on par with that of third worlds while we continue to pay first world prices? Just havoc in the streets? Should I get a gun? Really, what does the government (the only entity equipped with the power to bring jobs back) intend to do? What do they think the unemployed are going to do? Curl up and die? What's the plan? What's their plan? "Regs are gone" - newbies aren't much help. Its usually you helping them. I welcome newbies but, not really ;0) LOL. <BR
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby dunlap » Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:56 pm

I think you must
watch way too much History Channel and all the gloom and doom that is being perpetuated endlessly. Isn't there enough scare tactics going on without adding to it? I don't mean to sound offensive, or attacking you in any way shape or form.. But you seem to really go off on alot of negativity. I personally am on a mission to just surround everything I do with positive thoughts, actions, words and images. I think the world in general..and this forum in particular needs more of that..and NOT the fear mongering that is so prevelant
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby Padraig » Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:35 am

She's nuts. Thinks the government
can create jobs. Prices are not rising. The NWO is nonsense. She is actually the newbie. 'Sleep with the phone pre-dialed to ***' - LOL
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby Angelie » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:08 am

hi FD, this place had gotten...
really mean w/nothing but stalkers and a-holes, so i dont come here much anymore, but i really want to keep in touch w/you, so here is my email and i hope all is well w/your new job
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby Ailina » Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:36 pm

whatever, its already been hacked
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby Guo-Qiang » Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:27 am

OMG, be careful and put deadboldts...
on your door. Well, im on my last UI check, have some left in the bank, and i could cash out my last retirement, that would make me good for another year. Idk, i guess its picked up some in my area since last year, but i still hear that they got any where from 50 to *** resumes and at 51 i am over the hill for most employers around here. Still, they want accountants, bookkeepers and office managers for 10 bucks an hour, god, its like im back in the 80's-minus the big hair
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby Rigoberto » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:23 pm

Glad you have money in the bank
I still think that those who are the most unemployable are the young peeps. I think they are viewed this way by hiring authorities - and I view them in the same light. I'm a completely different employee at 40+ than I was at 20+. Not only do I have different lifestyle preferences (IOW, I don't go out much), I also know how to behave, dress, chit-chat, etc., at work. I don't screw around on company time/dime. Love interests at work mean more trouble than they are worth. Young peeps...are like loose cannons. You can never be sure how they'll react or what they'll say and to whom. IOW, I really don't think that being over 50 means very much anymore. I think a lot of employers are under the impression that no one hangs on to their jobs for more than 5 years and, furthermore, no one in the US will ever be able to retire. The bulk of medical insurance is assumed by you and/or the insurance company. Yeah...deadbolts and carry mace, sleep with my cell phone with *** programed in...its just a zoo. San Francisco was the most dangerous place I've ever been - and then I moved to DC. Maybe its just the way of the future. I'm afraid of millions of peeps out of work with no source of income. I'm afraid of homeless communities. I'm afraid of starving people. I'm afraid of generations of youths who have nothing to strive for
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Re: What happened to this forum?

Postby quaintance » Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:43 am

you sound like a crazy person
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