I wish CL would do something

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I wish CL would do something

Postby prabir » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:35 am

I wish CL would do something
When I first started using CL in addition to to Monster and Career Builder I was stoked, I couldn't believe all the great postings and how much easier it was to navigate. Unfortunately I don't even want to use CL anymore because the vast majority of the listings are either credit reporting scams or staffing/employment agencies trying to get you to use their search engines. I realize it may take some effort but it would be great if CL could put some tighter controls on employment postings, require an account be setup so that the postings can't be anonymous. Require that the company name and contact information be available; this would also allow the job seekers to be able to do a little research before applying to just any position and we would also be able to report these people to the proper authorities. I realize they could create shell companies that don't exist, but maybe the initial account setup could be tied to an IP address so when they are caught scamming it will be harder to do it a second time, I'm not a computer whiz and maybe all this can be skirted but maybe it might help cut down on some of the crap postings. When you have been searching as long as I have, I can tell you there is no worse feeling than getting all excited about a reply to a job you applied for and then finding out there was no job, I receive about 4 of these crap replies a day.
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