Scams Tallahassee

If you looking for job post your CURRICULUM VITAE here, and maybe we will offer you a job.

Scams Tallahassee

Postby Phoenix » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:04 pm

Scams Tallahassee
why is it more than 90% of the jobs on seem to be scams? Well 1. Tallahassee is one of the areas that does not charge to post jobs. 2. its easy pickins for them when some of us are so eager we send them a resume, credit report, and any other info that they may want. 3. we don't always treat each job posting suspiciously. look people if a job posts with a Gmail addy be 99% sure its a fake. don't send a resume in the first email (don't give them anything but your name) ask for more information if you are worried they won't pick you because you didn't send a resume first email look at it this way a REAL job will be ok with answering a few questions and accepting a fax or Email of your resume to a company fax or email. these things are easy to verify. Stop playing victim. There are REAL jobs out there. If you come across a job that is a scam FLAG please help the others by getting rid of the fake jobs.
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