Super Bowl Monster/Career Builder ad reviews

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Super Bowl Monster/Career Builder ad reviews

Postby beechler » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:13 am

Super Bowl Monster/Career Builder ad reviews
Well, I did like the beaver with the fiddle with I thought that it was amusing. However, the impression that one would get would be: what do you love, find progressively better jobs on, be rich and famous and drive off in a hot tub limo with a girl. I did not like the casual fridays where everyone is in their underwear everyday. I get it, the guy wants to get out of there because he is not into underwear, he wants to wear his clothes, so he wants to find a new job. The suggestion is that if he goes to, he will get out of there. Actually, I like the I Work With Monkeys ads from previous years better. Both these commercials are deceptive. Unless I am mistaken, the goal is to generate website hits so the sites can charge larger advertising rates. However and tatistiy speaking, applying to ads on the internet is the least effective job search method, so the only ones making out are Monster and Career Builder. These are just two of the most well known sites, as evidenced with the Super Bowl exposure and people probably have gotten lucky and gotten jobs off them, but for the vast majority of unemployed people and job/career changers, this does very little but extend the time they are off work. One of my job hunters said it the best as she was spending hours on these internet sites applying for jobs and thinking that every application was getting her closer to landing a new job. She admitted to me that she was confusing activity with productive activity. Not saying not to use these as you too could get lucky, but you have a much better chance of getting a new job by getting out there rather than sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time and waiting for the phone to ring.
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