The saga continues - the second 20 min interview

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The saga continues - the second 20 min interview

Postby scrivner » Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:44 am

The saga continues - the second 20 min interview
I'd posted a couple of days ago about a second 20 minute interview that I was invited to yesterday. It's for a job as Exec Asst as Deputy to the GM at a private university. This was hands down the weirdest, strangest interview I've ever had. Or maybe this is the 2010 edition of interviewing techniques. I just don't know what to make of it.... The President of the school was present, and he opened the conversation saying, "Tell me, what do you think of the START treaty?" Well, yes, I'd followed the recent news on it like the next guy but I don't have an *informed* opinion.... When I told him that, he continued, "OK then, discuss President Obama's health care reform." Not knowing where he was in the political spectrum and not wanting to insert my foot into my gaping mouth, I tried to traipse around the subject as diplomatiy/centrist as I could. But he didn't stop there. Now he wanted to know what my thoughts were on German chancellor Angela Merkel's stance on the Greek Euro crisis..... He then wanted to know about my personal life (relationship, and what my SO does for a living.) 18 of those precious 20 minutes were thusly spent on inanities, and I didn't have a chance to ask a single job- or institution related question. The other three people on the interview panel didn't say anything either other than when and how they were going to contact me in case I was picked. And *just* as everyone was ready to wrap up, the president asked me one last thing, "What's the state of your health?" (is that question even legal???) Fortunately, I am in excellent health and told him so. Upon which he said, "we should go play tennis one day. And maybe your SO [who is an artist] can paint us doing so." Coming and leaving, I also saw the two candidates before and after me. Both presented a very unkempt, unprofessional image, like they'd just rolled out of bed, with me the only one dressed in business attire (it's a conservative school where the exes all dress to the nines). I am beyond perplexed. Was this some weird stress test, or is he just a quirky fellow (old Irish nobility....) or was there some hidden "you're hired" message in this whole rigmarole? Thoughts, anyone?
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