don't go into the service

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don't go into the service

Postby chas » Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:32 pm

don't go into the service
be smart, go to college instead..... there are Pell grants and stuff to pay for it the military treated me very horribly whe I went in they have no compassion whatsoever about servicemen and their family members in 1988, I was told by an Army recruiting sergeant I would have one hour to say goodbye at the airport to my mother: I was flown to boot camp on a commercial flight no!!...... what did I really get?.....I got the bum's rush!!!, instead they put me on a bus from the Oakland MEPS station, two punk-ass recruits are put in charge of me, I was about 5 years older than they were; I was hurried through the airport to the loading gate, I barely got 15 seconds to kiss my mother goodbye; I was practiy dragged onto the plane like a condemned man to the hang gallows!!! how so goddamned rude and crude!! if I had thought to be clever at the time, I would have gotten stupid myself, I would have did a Fred Sanford number at the airport...fake chest pains!! I hate to think about why I did not get stupid in retaliation that day....better yet, I should have faked a back injury at the airport men's room inside...a slip and fall when nobody was looking
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