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Diamond Staffing

Postby Dasya » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:36 pm

Diamond Staffing
If you're sick and tired of being given the runaround, an attitude from kids who work at temp agencies too young to remember the New Kids on the Block or being lied to, then don't respond to this ad. They are Diamond Staffing and are they yet another in an endless line of dishonest temp agencies who, knowing how unpopular they are, lure unwary unemployed folks like me into wasting our time and energy by hiding their identity. I just spoke to a Latina chickie with whom I'd had words last year when I was given the runaround back then. After she'd killed just about the last of my cell phone minutes by telling me how I'm not qualified to work in a QC lab with polymers (I've worked for years in QC and years more in other places making plastics but not at the same time), she abruptly ended the conversation because she remembered me having "dissed" her. This is what I said: Temp agencies (euphemistiy known nowadays as "staffing agencies") are a waste of time. The higher the unemployment rate, the snottier and pickier their clients get. The clients, up until a decade ago, had no choice but whomever the agency sent. Nowadays, without actually risking anything by being in the hiring process, they insist on insinuating themselves in the interview process and won;t even talk to you unless you have 30-40 years of job experience, three sheepskins from Ivy League universities and, while it's not exactly a prerequisite, it would also help if you walked on water. They're essentially telling the temp agencies, "I don't trust your judgment and insist on bogging down what used to be a streamlined process without actually risking anything." In essence, they're the temp agencies, who used to be the weeding out process, completely redundant and they've save a pile of money by simply hiring these people directly instead of through an agency they plainly do not trust. Try telling chickies like the airheads at Diamond Staffing. They it being "dissed" even though what I'm saying is true: The process is so cumbersome, so inefficient, it takes guys like me longer to make money, it takes the staffing agencies longer to make money because of this pickiness and the clients' order go nowhere, hence their own customer suffer because the orders aren't getting done or invoiced.
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