I just tried applying

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I just tried applying

Postby kees » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:04 pm

I just tried applying
to a local pet supply store. Their application was like the Spanish inquisition! What's with that??! I was only applying for a stock clerk position, but they had a TON of questions. (And not just "personality test" questions either.) I finally gave up. I've done that work before, for another chain store (not a pet place tho) and it's NOT something that would require all that. Why do companies INSIST on putting applicants through all that?! It gets old to deal with. I can understand their wanting to "weed some folks out", but REALLY! Enough is enough! That stuff is NOT "brain surgery", nor should it be treated as such. And their attempt at "weeding folks out"? I doubt they're 100% successful because folks can & do lie. So they're wasting our time and their money by hiring companies to put those tests together. Ugh! I only wanted to restock their shelves and help folks. The "online interrogation", I didn't need. :-(
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