Working for a Company that pretends its poor...

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Working for a Company that pretends its poor...

Postby Kiet » Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:58 pm

Working for a Company that pretends its poor...
The company I currently work for, the senior management likes to pretend that it is always poor - like they don't ever have any money, like they are on the verge of financial ruin when in-fact the opposite is true. This is a private company. I am the Marketing Director and I oversaw a 30 Million Dollar cash injection last year due to increase in revenue - thanks primarily to my marketing program which generated this amazing new revenue stream. Mind you this was done during the biggest recession since the great depression where major competitors of ours went out of business. So we get an emergency meeting last week where they talked about how we need to cut costs even more which included not hiring key people that is an industry standard practice to have. It is really sad. Should I go look for another place to work? Would you want to work for a group of cheapskates who lie about their financial well being? Should I go find a company to go work for that respects me? Should I just ride this puppy out to see where it takes me?
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