Still looking......

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Still looking......

Postby Lebbie » Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:19 am

Still looking......
I was taking a shower this morning and I was thinking to myself, how long will it take to find a even a crappy job? It's not that I'm not skilled or educated or that I don't have plenty of common sense, but it's just very demeaning to my worth.... I view my self-worth based on my work status more than anything. I had an interview last week that lasted 5 minutes because the guy interviewing acted like he was real busy in general. So it took me 25 minutes to get there (after getting lost once) & 5 minutes just for an interview. He said, email me on Wednesday (last week, the interview was on Friday the 3rd) and I ed & emailed him. He never responded & still hasn't removed his ad off of . Personally I think he's a punk for that.
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