Gave up today. No longer looking 4 job

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Gave up today. No longer looking 4 job

Postby tumblin » Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:46 pm

Gave up today. No longer looking 4 job
After being out of work for 11 months, 16 interviews later, I am done. I have sent out about 110 resumes. I have done so much networking, people are wondering if I am sane - or just unemployable. I NEVER had trouble finding work before. But now with an advanced degree and work history that can cross over into two other fields, I cannot find work. I have looked and applied in three industries. Oh wait! I did find work. For LESS than what Unemployment brings in! After paying for medical insurance, I would not be able to eat. OR I was hired for part time work! Same story. Cant give up UIB to work for less income. EMPLOYERS!!!! POST A WAGE RANGE! WHY WASTE YOUR TIME!? So, I am taking a trip to see friends, taking the train so it will be cheap. All I have is time right now, so why not? The TIME I have spent applying for jobs and writing endless cover letters until I feel like screaming has done not one ounce of good. I KNOW I will not be missing out on any opportunities when I am away. Time. It is valuable. Go out and have whatever fun you can. It can save your sanity! Thank you Wall Street and the bankers, for screwing us.
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