Chemical Engineering Jobs Anyone?

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Chemical Engineering Jobs Anyone?

Postby Akin » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:50 am

Chemical Engineering Jobs Anyone?
Is anyone in need of or aware of any companies that are looking to recruit a recent chemical engineering graduate? I am currently working on my M.S.Ch.E. but would consider putting it on hold or transferring to another institution even. I recently started applying to jobs on Monster, Indeed, Career-Builder, and a number of other websites but so far all I get are canned responses that sound something like this: "we want someone with xx years of experience"... Considering this alleged economic crunch, one would think that companies would be more willing to hire an engineer that costs $65k for some of these jobs, instead of a more "experienced" engineer with a price tag over $***k. Anyone have any ideas? Where are all the "entry level" engineering jobs these days? I am working on networking, going to expos and job fairs, and even randomly emailing the HR at companies that interest me. Any other suggestions? If I go get my EIT certification will it increase my chances of landing something or is it unnecessary?
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