make up an address, here's why (just my 2-cents)

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make up an address, here's why (just my 2-cents)

Postby commisso » Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:57 pm

make up an address, here's why (just my 2-cents)
I'm also willing to "relocate" for a job that is 3 hrs away. The resumes that are pushed into an applicant tracking system (the dark hole) and have local addresses will get viewed. No one cares if you live in a tent or a mobile home, just put a local address. They won't verify it. You could be living with Aunt Birtha or the significant other who has the residence in their name. If you get the job, you relocate. If they need to mail you anything (which most to all the times they don't unless it's that wonderful offer letter, you contact the local days inn hotel to have it mailed there in your name and tell the business manager that so that you plan on staying there while you look for work (lie). And they'll hold your letter for you (ask them to do this and be very gracious). OR You have them mail it to your current address now. But you'll cross that bridge when you come to it. Don't sweat the small stuff here. Main thing is to GET AN INTERVIEW...and the resume is only a TOOL to get that interview. So, you put any address on the resume (an apartment address, a PO Box, a hotel) whatever...just to satisfy the "local addry" requirement. You're only looking at 1.5-2hrs away, so you can definitely get away with it.
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Re: make up an address, here's why (just my 2-cents)

Postby schleif » Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:01 pm

What if this is my second application with the
same company (different position), and my mail copy is going to the same person as before? And that person already emailed me a bunch of questions after job #1? I'm not saying they would definitely remember me, but they might. It's not a huge, huge company, but not a small one either. I have thought about using my sister's address, which would be closer to this location. I just am not sure I want to do that for this position
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Re: make up an address, here's why (just my 2-cents)

Postby rautenberg » Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:02 pm

Q: Do you want the job? Of course, then
for sure use your sister's address. I say this because you indicated that you would relocate to this job which is approx 1.5-2hrs from where you currently live. Actually folks in the NE commute that length when working in Manhattan. They'll live in PA or NJ and ride on a nice plush greyhound bus to get to work. Long commutes are common. So, I'm not sure really why you were concerned about your original address. It doesn't sound like it's an issue, right? IF you think it is (which I don't) then yes, use your sister's address. Again, the address doesn't sound like it's the deal breaker. So don't even mention, "I'm willing to relocate" because you're putting the spot light on something that isn't an issue (unless I'm missing something and the recruiter brought it up). Otherwise, focus on marketing your skills for the job. That's the main issue. Ask good questions, like, how long has the position been open, what about your resume sparked an interest in them contacting you (do these face to face or if you have to, on the phone). You want them to dialogue with you. And you do that by asking good questions intermittently. Good luck
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