Don't ever work for Sonic

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Don't ever work for Sonic

Postby Edna » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:03 pm

Don't ever work for Sonic
I agree with the other posters. Sonic is one of the most uncaring companies ever. They don't care about the employees at all. They have lowered the pay of all Carhops to $5.00 and hour and rumors were next year is going to $3.00. Somedays they don't even make min. wage with there tips included. For some reason they keep posting an ad saying you will make $100.00 in 6 hrs. LOL. That doesn't happen !!! You are lucky to go home with $30.00 because customers just don't belive this is a tipping job. They don't allow the customers to tip on credit cards which rips off the Carhops quite a bit. They only pay you $5.00 an hour and you have to skate at most of the Sonics. All they care about is there labor percent and out the door times. They don't do anything extra for the employees, you will never hear great job or thanks for your hard work. All you hear is negativity. I'm glad I quit and found a job that actually puts the employees First, which makes them want to work harder for the guests. Positivity goes a long way and you will never find it at Sonic, I don't care who is the Manager or District is . They all Suck. This is your warning not to go to Sonic
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