Advice on following up on interview

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Advice on following up on interview

Postby savery » Fri May 20, 2011 1:12 am

Advice on following up on interview
I interviewed last week (Tuesday) for a position that I am qualified and have experience working in a similar type company as I interviewed. Spent 2 hours speaking with one of the founders and all seemed to go well. He followed up with an email later that night with some information and let me know that they would be making a decision shortly... and then nothing. I sent him an email later in the week asking where they were in the decision making process.. and still nothing. Called a couple of times the next day and didn't leave a message until my last in the evening... and yet again, nothing. Called the following day and tried to catch him... left another message in the evening... nothing. I just don't get it... Not sure if he is testing my abilty to reach him because some part of the job has some sales aspect to it, or does the guy just lack any sort of professional courtesy and feels no need to let me know they went with another candidate... Part of me wants to keep on it until I get an answer and at this point I'm so sour on the process that my mindset is that if it is some crazy test on my persistance, they can have the f'ing job.
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