Federal Hiring Process Improving (eventually)

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Federal Hiring Process Improving (eventually)

Postby balinski » Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:15 am

Federal Hiring Process Improving (eventually)
Anybody who's every gone through even the application process knows how onerous it is. This is from a newsletter I get. Heard on the radio that this change will not take place until November, typical of the federal govt. President Obama released several streamlined reforms involving the federal application process. These changes are to be implemented by November 1, ***. These initiatives are applicable to the federal Executive Agencies headed by a Cabinet Secretary. Other federal agencies tend to honor the spirit if not the letter of these Presidential reforms. Critical elements to be implemented: * essay styled questions are eliminated in the initial application process * applications will consist of resume, cover letter, and application questionnaire * cutting average hiring time to 80 days as in the private sector * applications processed through www.usajobs.gov will record status of applications In addition, best qualified applicants will be retained in a pool of potential hires within the department receiving applications after another candidate is selected. Other changes may be forthcoming. I recommend subscribing to the free email newsletters provided by www.govexec.com (Government Executive) and www.ourpublicservice.org (Partnership for Public Service). Both provide current and non-partisan federal information including new hiring changes. As an example, Virtual Job Fairs used by some agencies are identified. Pay attention to the Job Vacancy Announcements of federal positions in which you are interested. These announcements will indicate what is required for a comprehensive application including the hiring changes as they are implemented by an agency. The job expectations (and key words) of the position are identified in the DUTIES section of the vacancy announcement; these key words are to be inserted into your resume and application packet. As in the private sector, the two other secrets of success for federal applications are: * get yourself known beyond a piece of paper (networking) * draft a resume identifying measurable successes not activities
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