No response after #2 interview...

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No response after #2 interview...

Postby Krystal » Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:25 pm

No response after #2 interview...
..which I think went really well. Yes, I wrote a thank you card, several days ago, and emailed my continued interest in the job yesterday. Today is the day by which they said they'd make the decision. Fuck you very much-for $8.00 per hour plus commission on charge card sales. ***'s wages, and a 19-year-old questions you off of a printed list, asking questions that you have just answered within the context of an earlier question. Hello, do you people listen to the interviewee??? Now, for all you job snobs out there, so what if I'm not an engineer, or consultant, or whatever, just in sales, excuuuuse me, but I am working my way down the corporate ladder. Ha ha... What really peeves me is this, and sorry if I sound bigoted, I was never this way growing up, or in my twenties, but as I get older I get angrier. At the other prestigious dept. store, which turned me down after two interviews, I recently tried to buy my 86-yr-old mother a nightgown. "Verrry preeety," says the young salesgirl, showing me a skimpy, short negligee. "My mother is 86," I tell her. "Ochenta y seis." She looks confused, runs away, another saleslady comes to help, rolling her eyes at salesgirl #1. How did the first one get that job??? Bilingual is OK, but monolingual in Spanish only? My parents immigrated here in the late ***'s, as German-Jewish refugees of the Holocaust, and you can be damn certain they LEARNED ENGLISH in night school while working days, having already had a good knowledge of it from European schooling. My mother said one tried so hard to assimilate, it was NOT cool to go around speaking German in America then, only at home with us. Kinda' sad in the opposite way, but I am frustrated. I feel guilty that my Spanish is high school level, and am considering getting some books and practicing at home, but why should I be ashamed to claim English as my mother tongue?? ERRRGGGG, I just had to I need a nice Heineken....
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