You can think about

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You can think about

Postby seungku » Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:07 pm

You can think about
moving out of the city to a country and growing your own food. You can think about moving in with 2 other friends. You can think about working for a US another country. You can think about providing a service on your own as opposed to working for another. You can think, more clearly, on taking that job that pays $____/hr. There are peeps who have been on this forum who have posted stuff like, they need to get a job within a week - otherwise they'll be homeless (Then we'll never hear from them again.) Can you imagine remaining that clueless (and hopeful) that you bitterly end up there? I can't take that chance - I have my dog's well-being to consider which includes paying an emergency veternarian fee if need be. Not having a clue as to what to expect - good or bad - doesn't help you plan. Its not what you know that will be your downfall --- its what you don't know. After 1.5 yrs. of looking for work, a peepy little "stay positive" (about the job search) comment makes me wanna puke. I've been working 'gigs' since the late '90s. If my contracting assignment is not extended, I'm looking for work. So, I'm familiar with the job boards. Typiy, my resume would get 70-100+ hits in a week. That's not to say that those conducting searches contacted me about a job - its just a count of how many have viewed my c.v. Last week on Monster my resume was viewed 7x. 7. (:0|
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