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Postby Philipa » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:10 am

So yesterday was a great day. I got four phone s. One from some guy wanting me to sell "pre-paid legal". I was polite and told him "No". I also get tons of s from Farmer's Insurance, they get the same answer. Another from a recruiter that totally forgot about me, but now she has a great position for me...in Napa! It's a nice two - four drive depending on traffic, each way. I told her that it's simply too far. Then I get a from a recruiter that has this great position for me and could I meet her at 3:45 pm today. Cool! THEN I get another for a job I really want and they set up an interview for me for next Monday. So far, a good day. This morning I get a from the recruiter asking me to move up the interview time to ASAP. I move like the wind, get showered, my best suit, documentation and cross the bridge over into SF and I actually found parking in the Financial District! I get into the building, I read a magazine and she greets me. "Before we go in, I'd like you to take a look at the job description first.", she says. Uh oh. It's the same job I already have an interview for next week! Good news, I now know that they're using recruitment companies and I'm going to show up without any recruitment fees. Sweet!
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