Job Strategies: Post #3 Documents

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Job Strategies: Post #3 Documents

Postby Maisey » Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:31 am

Job Strategies: Post #3 Documents
I used a cover letter that was polite, specific to the company involved, specific to the job requirements listed by the employer, with an emphasis on what I could do to make the employers company or organization better. My resume contained a chronological listing of my jobs, with job responsibilities and ACCOMPLISHMENTS listed, with an emphasis on keywords. Like I said only went back 15 years. My interview was a session of PROBLEM solving with the employer, and I always was one of the top 3, but in this market you can get knocked out for not knowing the employers accounting software, whereas before they would train you. Best lines to problem solve with: What would you like the candidate coming to bring to the job that you did not have before. What challenges will the incoming candidate face in the first 6 months on the job. No matter what was said, that smile and positive attitude never waivered. Each employer can have a different interview style, some just to see how you do under pressure. I always sent a written thank you letter on heavy bond paper. It was appreciative of their time, and it again reitterated what I would do to help the organization - they already know you and 30 other people are "interested." Polite, friendly, appreciative, short 60 second answers - don't ramble on, knowledgeable about the organization and recent news articles reviewed.
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