Need Advice: Unemployment Status

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Need Advice: Unemployment Status

Postby Babbie » Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:41 am

Need Advice: Unemployment Status
Someone in the self-employment forum suggested I post here instead, so here it is: I've just been laid off from my job - kind of. I've agreed to put in a few hours here and there to finish up some project coordination. And if more projects come in, my boss wants to hire the staff back if we are still available. My question is: What does this mean for my unemployment status? My boss will need to pay me for those miscellaneous hours I put it, but it looks like they will be pretty unpredictable/sparse. I'm afraid if I apply for only partial unemployment and those hours don't materialize, I'll be short changing myself in terms of benefits. I was thinking I should apply for full unemployment and have my boss pay me as an independent contractor for the any future hours. Is there another route that would make more sense? I've heard that I don't need to pay quarterly taxes unless I've made more than $1000. Is this true? Is there a threshold under which I won't be taxed at all for independently contracted work? Thanks!
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