I've come to a conclusion

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I've come to a conclusion

Postby Grace » Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:07 am

I've come to a conclusion
As with anything else in life, there are jobless haves and have nots. Not that it's good to cash out your retirement accounts (obviously...and I feel bad for you that you have to do that, because it sucks), but there are some who are jobless who literally don't have retirement accounts, or savings, or stocks, or credit cards (their credit is shot because of this), or a rental property to sell, or anything left of value to sell. They have a roof over their heads, and maybe their furniture (nothing highbrow) and essentials for living. They live unemployment check to unemployment check (if they're lucky enough to get them). They don't qualify for the SNAP program because they earn $12 too much, so they live mostly on pasta and Cup Noodles and generic soup. They don't have dependents, but they also don't have anyone else to turn to or anyone who would "up" the aid they might qualify for, so they usually don't qualify for much of anything. They don't have a second income. They don't have any kind of other financial support. And there are a lot of them. And when the end of Feb. comes, they'll be penniless. As in, not a penny to their names to live on. And they couldn't take taxes out of their unemployment, or else they wouldn't even be able to survive at ALL (and yes, they realize that wasn't a great thing to do, not pay upfront, but it's survival versus no survival). And now they have to figure out how to pay federal taxes, and they still have no job, and nothing else to support themselves. Even though they try every day, just as hard as the "haves" do. I keep reading...from OTHER unemployed people...that they're finally getting to take a class to benefit themselves, or enjoy a weekend away from all the trauma and stress, or go to a $20 (supposedly inexpensive) restaurant during the week, when it's not crowded. Is anyone else becoming aware of this--that even in joblessness--some have it "easier" than others? (And "easier" is the only word I could come up with, but it's certainly not actually easy for any of us!) I have unemployed friends, but they're not my "same" kind of unemployed. They're not facing pennilessness.
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