consequence of 5 month temp position

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consequence of 5 month temp position

Postby Nash » Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:28 am

consequence of 5 month temp position
Applied for a full time perm position, interviewed for a contract position and was offered a full time temp position without benefits which lasts until end of sept. I work freelance now and feel that I am taking a bit of a risk because I will have to tell my freelance contacts that I will not be available to work (haven't been working that much anyways) and also the temp position is in a different industry. The only reason I agreed to the interview was because the contract position was for several months and offered benefits, I don't like working freelance. Maybe it's the fear of the unknown and this economy, but something about this doesn't feel right to me, the titles have changed but the pay has stayed the same, the people I met seemed nice. Any thoughts?
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